Doc Gooden and I at Corporate Wellness Trade Show

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 As a business owner, I understand the need to prospect, to qualify, to anticipate objections, and capture contact information for follow up. Magic is a performance Art and its' disciplines are transferable to the Trade Show Booth.

My role is to attract attendees to you booth, inform while entertaining, qualify, and then assist in the capture of contact information of qualified prospects. My 10 minute shows transition into a introduction of your sales staff and continue throughout the day.

My presentations are customized to dramatize the benefits of your product or service and identify prospects.

I work primarily with playing cards because they are familiar to people all over the world and are capable of symbolizing growth, increase, ease, change, income, loss of income, etc. Whatever you want communicated to attendees that will identify prospects for your product or service.

I do not require any special performance conditions. Prior to the show I will communicate with your sales staff to learn who your prospects are, what their needs/concerns are and how your product or service addresses those needs and concerns. I'll want to know what the typical objections are and how they are replied to. I'll ask your team to give me the names of companies, individuals, and job titles that are of particular interest, so I can be on the lookout as I scan attendance badges.

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