Slydini (September 1, 1901, Foggia, Italy – January 15, 1991), was a world-renowned magician. His mastery, expertise, originality and innovative approach to close-up artistry, magic earned him a legendary reputation in the magic world. He traveled the world performing for the public as well as performing and lecturing fellow magicians. As a result, he served as an inspiration to generations of well-known magicians, celebrities and entertainers, including Doug Henning, Dick Cavett, Bill Bixby,  Ricky Jay, and David Copperfield.  Although he was best known as a master of close-up artistry, he continually demonstrated an extraordinary performing ability and during his lifetime was responsible for a long series of books, films and publications highlighting his mastery of the magical crafts. For his work, he received the highest honors that his profession could bestow, including both the coveted Masters Fellowship Award and Performing Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts. During his lifetime,  Slydini was inducted into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame as a Living Legend.

      Slydini and I

New York City 1978

 My teachers' words to me...

"You will show others how this beautiful Magic should be done." Slydini