Years ago, from time to time, my father would by me a Magic trick,  from one of those novelty shops in Times Square. Like so many magicians before me my first trick was the Cups and Balls.  Soon; I could turn nickles in dimes, and make a little plastic mummy rise out of its coffin!  During my years in the military I marked playing cards with a straight pin and amazed the guys.  (I had better eye sight in those days.) After the military I went to Las Vegas and took a job selling magic tricks at the Magic Mansion in Circus Circus Casino. One day, at the request of a customer, I pulled a book out from the case, Slydini Encores, never realizing Slydini would become my teacher a few years later. I returned to  New York and became a bartender / magician. One day, while hanging around my favorite magic shop in Times Square I watched a coin trick that amazed me. The man told me the creator of the trick was Slydini! I learned that Slydini lived in the Theatre  District. I called him, and asked if I could take a lesson. That marked the beginning of eight wonderful years of study. It was like studying oil painting with Da Vinci. My greatest honor came when he chose me to be one of his featured students in his final book on Magic, The Magical World of Slydini. Today, in addition to performing, I lecture and teach Magician's interested in my teachers unique approach to Close Up Magic. I've written twelve books on Magic including: The Master of Misdirection, considered by many in the Magic Fraternity to be the greatest study of my teachers work. I've performed around the country, in Japan and in Europe. I especially enjoy performing in Napoli, Italy, the home of my grandparents. In addition to my Magic I enjoy oil painting. Presently I am working on a portrait of my teacher.   a presto! D