Are you a Corporate Trade Show Event Planner in need of  more Qualified Leads?

Are you a Corporate Event Planner in search of a unique entertainment for you upcoming event?

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"My Close Up Magic  is pure sleight of hand with coins, playing cards, silks, everyday things. Close Up Magic has a power that Stage Magic and the Grand Illusions of the Magical Arts can not compete with; it happens right in front of your eyes.  I can perform while seated or standing. I do not require any special performance conditions.   ​​My teacher was the great Slydini. My Magic has taken me all over the world and has even been featured in an Scientific American Article on the Art of Magic. Treat your guests to an entertainment rarely enjoyed. Here are some of the organizations I've performed for...."

My video featured in Scientific America

Dennis Barlotta

aka D. Angelo Ferri